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Sunday, July 10, 2005

The burning question...

All right, children. Step one in establishing a relationship -- teacher-student, parent-child, governor-governed -- is to determine the rules. I like to go right for the outer limits, so what is your answer to this question:

'Do I believe the current administration would have me secretly killed if it helped to further its agenda?'

When you answer, let me know your political persuasion, please. I'd like to tally the replies.

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Blogger Olive commented at 4:48 PM~  

Short answer? Yes.

Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 8:12 PM~  

Why secretly (Lefty)???

Blogger Virgil commented at 8:07 AM~  

Damn right they would. I, at least, have already been targeted for speaking out. You wouldn't believe the laundry list of things that have been done to me to get me to shut up on my blog and when I go on speaking engagements to people telliig the truth that the orporate rulers don't want told.

Oh, and btw, I am an Independent, usually favoring third parties.

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