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Monday, December 12, 2005

A moment for Richard

I've said several times that we have come to very dark times in recent years; and, when the titans of my youth trot off this mortal coil it seems that much dimmer. I am happy that I was alive at the same time they were -- that overlap is a hell of a connector -- butI am saddened by their passing because they made the world a better place with their presence. So many have passed away - Rosa Parks, notable among them -- but Richard Pryor's death on Saturday, just a few months after Luther Vandross', took away my love songs and laughter. That's a hell of a hit. Yes, I'll laugh again and, yes, I'll love again, but the soundtrack very likely won't be as romantic or as funny as those two provided. So, before we get back to solving the world's ills and figuring a way out of this benighted time period, let's remember Richard and Luther and Rosa. And, in their honor, remember to laugh, love and be free.

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Blogger Olive commented at 3:15 PM~  

I often think about that when trying to sort out and make sense of all of us and everything we feel, say and do...

In all space and time, we are all here at the very same time. You're right, Jae, that is a powerful connector.

Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 6:34 PM~  

Good post.

Blogger CB commented at 9:44 AM~  


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