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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Other than, 'Don't do that,' what is the GOP agenda? Seriously.

I ask this question in all seriousness, because I've spent hours talking with my conservative friends who say we are now living in socialist hell because of Pres. Obama's policies. I am especially curious to hear the answers of the middle class conservatives who are angry to be bailing out their neighbor who overextended. Is your answer really to let this economy run its course with no governmental intervention? Really?

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Anonymous Anonymous commented at 4:21 PM~  

I've been to Sweden and it's far from Hell. A Socialist country, Sweden consistently gets high marks for such quality of life indicators as health and health-care, education, innovation, air and water quality, civil rights… you name it. Life is pretty good there.

Most Limbots haven’t the slightest idea what is even meant when the fat man warns of impending socialism. It’s a big, four-syllable word with scary, albeit vague, connotations. I think they believe it has something to do with forced enemas.

In any case, we’re far from being a socialist country. Too bad.

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