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Thursday, September 15, 2005

What the Government Knows and What It's Hiding

Despite receiving underwhelming response... bored crickets chirping indifferently... I will press on. My fascination with government is manifold, but mostly centered on how it interfaces with its people. Are we subjects? Fodder? Nuisances? I've been alive long enough to know that there has been a shift from a government that seeks to expand the freedoms -- and potential - of its citizenry to one that seeks to restrict. I am confused because the Republican way is allegedly one of personal freedom and limited government, but more restrictions seem to be the preferred method of government.

What I'd like to do is ask and link, i.e. ask questions about what confuses me and link to websites that intrigue me.

Here is what I'd like to ask people that stumble onto this blog: knowing that the U.S. government deals in secrets, what secrets -- weapons, internment plans, mind control, general knowledge, etc., do you think have been cultivated over years and are now being used surreptitiously? Some of the people who feel Sen. Paul Wellstone was murdered believe his plane was taken down with state of the art wavelength weaponry. Microwave guns are already in existence.... talk to me or suggest links. Secrets don't grow well in the dark.

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