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Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Amazing Thought Processes of Black Republicans

Sometimes, when I 'm feeling particularly poetic; I refer to the National Democratic Party as Die Rote Kapelle, which means Red Orchestra, in German. It was an anti-Nazi resistance group that had no real connections to the Soviet Union in the 1930s and 1940s. It was painted as a band of evil, Soviet spies by Hitler's regime and its members were sought out for either ridicule or execution.

It must feel to the national Democratic Party leaders that they are the 21st century Red Orchestra. The party has the right idea in that it offers an alternative to what is fast becoming a repressive regime. But, the social winds are blowing against it. And, one particular segment that opposes it makes me scratch my head. But, I really shouldn't be befuddled because -- as history instructs -- anything is possible. After all, there were German Jews for Hitler.

Although 90 percent of the nation's African Americans do not vote for Republicans (please note the difference between voting Democratic), there is a 10 percent-strong segment that loathes the Dems and praises the Republicans. Question: why would these people not try to change the Democratic party from the inside? Or, more logically, create a 3rd party that has a money-first, but racially inclusive theme? Kind of a Republican-lite party.

Secondly, what the hell are black Republicans complaining about? Their guys bought every branch of government. They own it. Bought and paid for. I guess there's nothing like a little Red Orchestra bashing to draw attention away from looting your own store.

Personally, I wish there were a stronger 3rd party, but in dealing with the political reality of black Republicans I must invoke the words of Mahatma Gandhi: "What are you? Stupid?!"

Most Republicans bash Dems for a dearth of ideas at a time when our energy policy is not concerned about peak oil or natural gas production; at a time when hate crimes are on the rise, at a time when an unpopular war is killing thousands of our young people; at a time when 45 million Americans can't afford health care; at a time when corporate welfare dwarfs all but defense spending, at a time when those same corporations are stealing, lying and cheating with damn near impunity.

Dearth of ideas? I think any idea that has at its base the concept of 'knock that shit off' sounds pretty good to me. But, oddly, a core of blackRepublicans feel compelled to protect George W. Bush, to protect anti-Affirmative Action strategies, to protect a unilaterally-declared war.

Their arguments are that the Dems haven't done enough for them. Well, George McGovern wrote this great piece several years ago, I think it was in the Atlantic, that said every major social success in America was a liberal success. Remember a little thing I like to call Civil Rights, guys? The Republican Party fought that tooth and nail. And, the Dems that fought it left the party to join the Republican Party.

Conservatism, by its nature, means to not expand, to not grow. It is the "I got mine" mentality, that is rampant at present. As far as Dems not doing enough for them, do they remember that their Trent Lott suggested the nation would have done better had it elected White Supremacist Strom Thurmond as president? Heil Thurmond.

Black Republicans, instead of attempting to change the Democratic party from within (certainly there is still racism, homophobism, elitism, etc) decide to side with a party that re-defined itself as a party of exclusion -- Strom Thurmond's party.

Go ahead and tell me the Dems suck as far as protecting us from the viler aspects of Republicanism and I won't fight too much, But, once again, by definition, the Democratic Party is a more inclusive party. Read its mission statement and you will be able to compare it to Republican idealogy.

Quick question for Black Republicans -- of the 3 white major party canidates who ran for president in 2000 and 2004 who do you think the overwhelming majority of White Supremacists voted for?

How many overt White Supremacists have run under the Democratic flag? It's become a ritual every election season: some Neo-Nazi or Racist Church candidate will run as a Republican and the local party will harrumph and disavow him. But, what's not being said is that the party atmosphere creates those candidates. Who the hell is going walk into a room of African American, white, Hispanic, Asian and gay people and declare they are running for office on the platform that all but the white attendees will be excluded from the political process?

What would impress me is if the black Republicans would take the courage of their supposed convictions and actually try to change Republican views on race. Barack Obama and Kwiesi Mfume and John Conyers and so many other African Americans rise up through the party on their own merits, beholden to their constituency-- actually voted for. Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice were pulled up through an old boy's network; they were appointed -- primarily for political expediency. Besides JC Watts, who left office pissed by the way, and Ohio's Kenneth Blackwell , name me half a dozen black Republican elected officials. Remember, Alan Keyes, who's never been elected, had no serious financial support from his party when he ran in Illinois.

The advantage that the Dems have, as far as I'm concerned, is a grasp of demographics. They at least attempt to include as many as possible into the party. And, that is great. All the crap oozes out -- the black and white and brown prejudices, the mistrust, the anger -- all of it gets to be played out in the open. That makes for strength and honesty. And, as time passes, more people will join the Dems because the Republican balancing act is too difficult to maintain. Eventually, all of those black, gay and Hispanic Republicans are going to remember the Boston Tea Party and ask for real representation.

How does one say: 'Just Kidding' to inclusion? I'm not sure, but look in the encyclopedia under 'H' for Hitler. You might find some pretty good answers.

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Blogger Olive commented at 10:28 AM~  

Stockholm Syndrome?

"... a psychological response of a hostage, or an individual in a hostage-like situation (e.g. dependent child, battered wife, etc) in which the more powerful person (captor, partner, child molester) (a) has the power to put the individual's life in danger or at least the power to worsen the individual's prospects for the future life, and (b) occasionally exercises this power in order to show that he or she is able to use it, if the victim will not conform to the more powerful person's will. The main symptom of the syndrome is the inidividual's seeming loyalty to the more powerful person in spite of the danger (or at least risk) that this loyalty puts them in."

Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 6:28 PM~  

There is faith based $$ being spread around. That explains part of the reason Afro-Americans become GOPers.

It must be hard being an Afro-American Democrat. You have to convince people their life will be better once Mr Lesser Evil is in office.

No Hillary in 08, for me.

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