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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Strange people live here; maybe they should carry ID cards

I attended an event where some guy named Hinderaker, who was voted on as Time's blogger of the year (or something along those lines) spewed the most incredible line of B.S. He was crowned year's greatest blogger because he mobilized a bunch of right wing types to call into question whether Bush's National Guard papers were forged. The odd thing is that he really believes Bush wanted to serve in Viet Nam.

'He would have served; he wanted to serve, he just didn't have enough hours in the air," was what Hinderaker offered as a lame excuse.

What was really B.S. was the fact that he was attacking a forgery that more than likely was a crude attempt to get the message out to the public about Bush's character. In an analogy the far right can grasp: It was like someone planting Clinton's semen on Monica Lewinsky's dress AFTER THOSE TWO HAD SEX. They're arguing about the motive, but not the occurrence. Bush did NOT go to Viet Nam and his guard duty appears to be pretty shaky.

My observation is that these people have lost their bearings as far as humanity goes. It is this Bush uber alles mentality that allows Karl Rove, Tom DeLay, Donald Rumsfeld and the gang to slash and burn the concept of a free and fair America. I am a little irritated because given Bush's pattern, his impassioned speech about poverty means a WHOLE lot of people are going to get screwed while a VERY FEW of his rich buddies are going to clean up.

There's a joke about the army that fits his public speaking pattern, perfectly. A guy joins the Army and on the first day they issue him a comb -- and cut off all of his hair. On the second day, they issue him a toothbrush -- and pull all of his teeth. On the third day they issued him a jock strap -- and he went AWOL. When Bush says, 'I am in favor of this.' Or, 'I support this,' you can bet that, unless it's a far right nugget such as anti-Affirmative Action, anti-Roe v. Wade or pro-Big Business, it's a lie. Pure and simple. Don't look for meaning. Don't search for context. Don't analyze his speech. It's a lie. He doesn't support poverty reduction and he could care less that the heavily Democratic city of New Orleans is a stain on the bayou. He does care that there is money to be made.

I expect Rove and Halliburton to make more money than God with the New New Orelans Gentrification Plan.

I mean, be reasonable, Saudi (not Iraqi, for the factually impaired) terrorists gave him carte blanche to take away many of our civil liberties; do you think he's going to all of a sudden find Jesus after a natural disaster? I am taking bets that this will be one of the boldest land and development grabs in modern history and race will have nothing to do with it because those people -- many of whom are African American and non-voters -- will be pushed so far out of the loop Emperor Penguins will be delivering their pizzas.

I don't know what it will take for people to see the deterioration of America, but I hope they wake up before its Kristallnacht all over again.

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Blogger Olive commented at 11:24 PM~  

Then there are those bewitched Dems (donna brazile) who, with childlike positivism, praise Bush for his generous, FDR-esque plan to rebuild New Orleans… the city he turned his back on for five wretched days.

“I could not have been prouder of the president and the plan he outlined to empower those who lost everything and to rebuild the Gulf Coast,” Brazile wrote for the Washington Post September 20.

Proud? Is this how far our expectations have been lowered? To earn congratulations, all this drooling moron has to do anymore is show some sign that he knows what’s going on around him. That’s pathetic. This is the presidency, not the head-trauma unit at county hospital.

In fact his plan for New Orleans is not much different than his plan for Iraq, involving cronyism, corruption and incompetence.

As he was giving the speech that made Brazile so proud, Bush had already put Karl (Outed-A-CIA-Agent) Rove in charge of the reconstruction of New Orleans.

"Republicans said Karl Rove, the White House deputy chief of staff and Mr. Bush's chief political adviser, was in charge of the reconstruction effort."—NY Times 9/15/05

Rove is nothing but a political con man and, like Bush’s FEMA appointee, Michael (Brownie) Brown, is unqualified for the job.

“The president also laid out the federal government's goal for rebuilding,” cooed Brazile, “It is unprecedented in its scope and ambition, matching destruction that is unprecedented as well. He made the challenge clear: This will be one of the biggest reconstruction projects in history.”

Yeah, and guess who gets the biggest reconstruction contract in history?

Firms with Bush-Cheney ties are already striking Katrina deals:

“Companies with ties to the Bush White House and the former head of FEMA are clinching some of the administration's first disaster relief and reconstruction contracts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina... one is Shaw Group Inc. and the other is Halliburton Co. subsidiary Kellogg Brown and Root [KBR].”—Reuters 9/10/05

(KBR is the one that received a five-year, no-bid contract to restore Iraqi oil fields and is under investigation by the Justice Department for fuel and food overcharges.)

Other things to make us proud: Bush ordered his Department of Labor to disregard all affirmative action plans for companies working on Katrina reconstruction projects and suspended a law that requires employers to pay local minimum wages to workers on federally financed projects. (CEO’s are exempt from this exemption.) Also, look forward to relaxed environmental laws that will be tested under the cloak of Katrina.

“The president has set a national goal and defined a national purpose…when we are united, nothing can stop us,” Brazile said.

I’m sorry, but the time for discovering our commonalities has passed. These guys will never, ever tell the truth, do the right thing or put this country before their party. This pathological desire for their words to be true is what has helped bring this country to its knees. It’s the bruised wife who wants to believe her drunken abusive husband won’t ever hit her again. He will! And eventually he will kill you.

Blogger Olive commented at 9:34 AM~  

And if you thought you couldn’t be prouder…

Yesterday House Republicans passed around a list of items they want to cut in order to pay for Katrina. They want to KILL the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. At the same time, Tom DeLay said they would not be taking tax-cuts off the table:

“We’re not reexamining the commitment to end tax cuts. That’s not an option,” DeLay said. “Not an option.”

Meanwhile, the $114-million highway bill he brought home to his own congressional district lives.

Remember that scene in Monty Pyton's "Meaning of Life" where the guy gorges himself on plates of food until he explodes all over the restaurant?

Blogger Olive commented at 11:05 AM~  

...unfortunately, the innards are going to land all over us!

Blogger Olive commented at 12:31 PM~  

One-Note-Georgie managed to draw a correlation, however fatuous, between Hurricane Katrina and “the terrorists,” -- that amorphous mass of evil-doers comprised of violently angry Muslim fanatics, wrongly detained Iraqi civilians, gang-connected (or not) African American men and Iraqi insurgents (a sub group of angry Middle-Eastern men who, in another time/reality, would be called patriots reacting badly to an invasion of their country).

Anyhoo, un-curious George, realizing he’s lost the confidence of all but the most conditioned of his base, changed the subject yesterday in a speech before Republican Jewish Coalition.

“We look at the destruction caused by Katrina, and our hearts break," he said. "[The terrorists are] the kind of people who look at Katrina and wish they had caused it. We're in a war against these people."

Smooth. The rest of his speech sounded curiously familiar.

“No matter how many car bombs there are, these terrorists cannot stop the march of freedom in Iraq," he said.

Meanwhile, while the Amazing Bushkin was planting hypnotic suggestions in the minds of his pliant audience, his wife was out selling her alternate reality.

At a speech she gave to the Heritage Foundation yesterday, Laura said:

“The media is ignoring the positive side of Hurricane Katrina. Much more good has come from Katrina than bad. Maybe the media hasn’t shown us that much, but we’ve read about and we do know about it. At the shelters I’ve visited, I haven’t heard a single word of complaint.”

You’re getting very sleepy….

One more thing: Am I the only one who DOESN’T think Bush emerged a strong leader following the 9-11 attacks? I hear pundits comparing and contrasting post-9-11-Bush with post-Katrina-Bush as though they are somehow different people. I find PKB to be as out of touch as PNEB. His ‘go America’ blow-horn speech from atop the rubble of Ground Zero, made me gasp and brought home the deep shit we were in.

Blogger davidfisher0145 commented at 8:46 PM~  

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