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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

CB on Black Conservatism: Millions More Socialists

My friend Jae (I know him as Herky) and I haven’t seen one another in years. Through the magic of the World Wide Web and my continued contact with his family, we recently reconnected. He, like my family, and his family were surprised to see me devolve into that lowest form of human life, the dreaded Black Republican. To make things worse, I am a proud, unapologetic conservative. I make a distinction between conservative and Republican. Conservatives believe in a set of principles, Republicans seek to win elections. What speaks to me as much as anything about Jae’s character, the confidence he has in his positions and our renewed friendship, is that he has asked me to provide an occasional counter point. I’ll do my best.

As you read, you will be tempted to make broad generalizations about me or perhaps psychoanalyze me or wonder how Jae could be so f*%#@$d up to have a friend like me. I don’t hate my friends, family or the amount of melanin in my skin. Some friends and professional psychologists (who happen to be my friends too) tell me that I need psychotropic drugs or at least a double blind placebo study, but for the moment, please assume that I am somewhat lucid.

The winds and waves of Katrina exposed a much more devastating storm visited upon, primarily, poor blacks than any Atlantic borne disturbance could ever produce – social welfare programs and their perfect failure. Like the 17th street levy that gave way (or was blown up according to the Minister Louis Mothership Farrakhan) to the Gulf waters, poor black women, small children, the sick and the elderly streamed to the Super Dome and the New Orleans Convention Center. I’m just curious to know where were the men? I’m sure the stranded young women with multiple children hanging off of them were asking too.

Since Lyndon Baines Johnson declared a “War on Poverty,” American’s, through their government have spent $6.6 Trillion specifically earmarked for poverty programs. The results have been revealing. The number of black children whose parents aren’t married is nearly 80%. Can this be good? The number of young black men between the ages of 18 and 40 in jail or on parole is close to 25%. Can this be good? The education gap between black and white students is wider now than 40 years ago. Can this be good? Black unemployment is above 10%, nearing 20% in some communities. Can this be good? I could talk about the all but naked girls on BET grinding on thuggish young men and how this passes for “black culture” but I’ll leave that for another day. Collectively, these are the results of $6,600,000,000,000 worth of government administered social programs.

I’m going to walk through some math, math that makes a much more favorable case for the programs than truly exists, to be as fair to liberal sensibilities as I can be. In 1965, the black population of America was roughly 17 million. Let’s assume, for arguments sake that half of the black population was in poverty (although we know it did not come close to that). The black population was roughly 14% of the total American population. Even though the percentage of blacks in poverty was much higher than the general population, for arguments sake, we’ll only assign the general population percentage to the total dollars spent for black folk. Then of the $6.6 Trillion spent on poverty, a mere $924 Billion would be targeted toward poor blacks. Had the government simply given half of the black population of 1965, the money to be spent on poverty programs, every man, woman and child could have looked forward to receiving $110,000 each. In 1965, the average salary of a black man expressed in today’s dollars was $14,ooo and that of a black woman was $5,800. So the poor could have looked forward to receiving nearly 9 times the amount of the average working black man and 20 times the amount of the average working black woman. As ill advised as that approach is and would have been, it would have been infinitely better than the mess we are confronted with today.

So what do Jesse, Al and Louis advocate? They propose more government dependency, more social welfare programs. These, however, are not benign positions that flow from benevolent hearts. These are calculated and cultivated planks, which invoke “worker’s rights” and seek out communist dictators who deny rights to their people. Like Jesse pursuing Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan dictator and Louis invoking his 3 hour conversation with Castro at the Millions More Movement. Katrina did more than expose the failure of socialism, it provided capital to the race/poverty pimps, whose goal is not to solve problems or help people, but to gain and retain control by using hatred and fostering attitudes of entitlement. I won’t go into the corruption, lack of freedom and violence that communist regimes promote (read Mona Charen’s book Useful Idiots to see what Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Kim Il Sung, Ho Chi Mihn, Daniel Ortega, Castro and others did to their own people) but I must provide examples of the economic consequences of socialism.

In Europe, especially in France, Belgium, Germany and Spain, where socialism has been heavily promoted, the unemployment rate is higher than it is for black Americans. There will be serious unrest in Europe soon that will have global consequences. In Africa, socialism reigns supreme. So too does government corruption, poverty, violence and starvation. They are providing Europe with a preview. North Korea’s population is starving and under complete authoritarian domination. How many American’s make boats out of a car chassis and milk cartons and jump into the Caribbean in hopes of setting foot on Cuba’s shores? How many of our athlete’s and entertainers defect to Cuba? How about Canada you ask? Their vaunted health system was recently struck a severe blow by their ultra liberal Supreme Court, which concluded that the way they distribute health care is patently unfair. Canada also has no military to defend itself. If Guam attacked, they’d have to surrender. If you think taxes are bad here, try living in Canada.

The most compelling case is Mexico. Mexico has no Halliburton’s for their liberals to scoff at, industry in Mexico is government owned for the most part. Mexico has lots of social welfare programs. We see the success of their programs every day in Nashville. There are entire sections of town that if you don’t speak Spanish, you are lost. Not Houston, San Antonio, Dallas or Los Angeles, Phoenix or Miami, New York or Chicago, but Nashvegas, Tennessee. Mexico has a booming export economy, their people. Yet those on the political left and particularly our so called black leaders advocate what has led to the failure and misery of so many.

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