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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Care to dance?

Discussing politics is kind of like doing the samba in a closet. What should be a roomy discussion -- with the opportunity to go far afield into areas such as trust, philosophy, finance, death, fairness, equality, futurism -- is a cramped bit of business that looks more like hand-to-hand combat than political discourse.

Case in point: I scratch my head over conservative Republicans and their Bush/Reagan uber alles support of people and administrations who actively flout their supposed ideals of "honest government" (Rusty Cunningham); "smaller government" (George W. Bush); "fiscal responsibility" (Bush, DeLay, Hastert et al) and "social conservatism" (a pro-gay Dick Cheney).

Notwithstanding, their social conservatism as I interpret its meaning, is American Facism, I am suprised at the fervor with which social conservatives support their champions.


A more reasonable strategy would be to scatter support amongst candidates who more perfectly reflect a voter's prevailing beliefs. But, we don't do that. Not only do we avoiod taking the time to peruse individuals, we limit the conversation so much -- cramp it in a closet as it were -- that we're not even talking "governance," we're always talking "politics."

That is the height of stupidity as a voting body. We are broadcasting our need to be manipulated by politicians whose singular strength is to manipulate. Am I the only one who is amazed by push polling? Or assassinations from above via the Predator? Or, "stealth" candidates? Or, promises that are ROUTINELY broken? Or, giving a series of emphatic rationales for war -- until one of them sticks?

That is the province of politics. But, governance is about how a bunch of disparate, pushy, occasionally frightened Americans -- living in world that is mostly non-American -- can pull together and make a reasonable society that does good things for itself, its people and the world.

Right now, through ill-advised wars, death penalties, police violence and clandestine "intelligence" operations, America is a leading killer of Americans. That's not right.

But, conservatives who run the country are not talking about anything substantive locally, nationally or globally about improving quality of life for all (what else is government for?). Conservatives want to make money and to hell (literally) with anyone who isn't them.

On the flip side, after reading the posts in this blog and reading some recommended material, I am beginning to believe there is virtually no true, liberal power element in either of the national parties. Nancy Pelosi's "concession" speeches after the 2004 election were a key indicator. She was floating the notion that the Dems needed to be more like the GOP to get more voters. Another indicator was that the "liberals" on the Supreme Court voted in favor of super-charged eminent domain.

Well, Nancy, in your political utopia you're probably going to want to kick out pretty much every African American in the party. Still, given the "political" success of the conservatives, I can see why you want to go there.

If we don't start talking about governance instead of quotas, gay marriage, abortion, affirmative action and a bunch of other issues -- we deserve what we get. I love the African American viewpoint, because it really is about helping the least fortunate among us. Regardless of whether that is because it represents many of us, it is STILL the true test of a democratic government to raise the quality of life for ALL of its members.

With true discourse, a conservative can change his or her dance partner just as easily as liberal because we would get beyond the BS the parties are distracting us with and start questioning why incumbents never lose, term limits are never passed and why federal public servants are becoming millionaires and billionaires.

Care to dance?

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Blogger Olive commented at 12:49 PM~  

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Blogger Olive commented at 12:51 PM~  

Good news for Americans bored with the reactionary politics of homophobia (the whole gay-marriage scare is well into it’s third year which, in cable news time is, like, two election cycles), we have a new Public Enemy Number One: ”eco terrorists,” bigger and scarier than three men at a parent-teacher conference.

The FBI has designated radical environmental activists THE NUMBER ONE domestic terrorism concern. Now, I want to go record as saying I don’t approve of or support arson, the disabling of brakes and other acts of extreme vandalism. These acts are illegal, dangerous and, in my opinion, unethical.

Having said that, there isn’t one case of so called domestic eco-terrorism resulting in the loss of life, which is why I find it curious that these groups trump right-wing militia, white supremacists (including the KKK), abortion clinic bombers and Pat Robertson – all of whom routinely encourage or carry out acts of violence which often result in the loss of life (remember the Oklahoma bombing?).

OK, I was being disingenuous when I said I find it curious that the FBI has dubbed radical environmentalists the number one domestic terrorist concern. I have a pretty good idea what we’re being greased up for.

It’s all part of Rove’s proven three-step plan to get public support for nefarious Bush administration activity. This time the activity we’re being asked to get behind is extralegal warrantless wiretapping. Here’s the formula for those who haven’t yet learned to recognize the pattern:

1-Raise fears. Make people believe that the boogieman is at their door.
2-Blur lines. Confuse people by implying connections between unrelated groups or ideologies. Use catch phrases and slogans – nursery rhymes for the reactionary -- to build your case.
3-Demonize (‘swift boat’) detractors. Squelch all discussion by smearing anyone who doesn’t support the original premise.
Once you get the Limbaugh/O’Reilly minions to repeat the mantra of the moment, you may collect your prize (a flood of single-issue voters, an illegal war, destruction of the constitution) all in service of the corpocracy.

If we allow Bush to get away with this, anyone who speaks out against this government or it’s benefactors (a group to which the biggest environmental polluters belong) can be labeled a person of interest.

FYI: the ACLU has released FBI documents that indicate the bureau has expanded the definition of "domestic terrorism" to include citizens engaged in nonviolent protest and civil disobedience.

“Responding to [American Civil Liberties Union Freedom of Information Act] requests filed in 20 states on behalf of more than 150 organizations and individuals, the government has released documents that reveal FBI monitoring and infiltration by the FBI and local law enforcement, targeting political, environmental, anti-war and faith-based groups.

Our clients include advocates for the environment, animal rights, labor, religion, Native American rights, fair trade, grassroots politics, peace, social justice, nuclear disarmament, human rights and civil liberties. When the FBI invades the privacy of political and religious groups in the name of fighting terrorism, it abuses our trust and threatens our freedom. The public deserves to know who is being investigated and why.”

We’ve gotten a look at their playbook. Let’s not get played again

Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 6:08 PM~  

It is great to see you blogging again. You bring a unique perspective to political dialog.

Keep from calling Bushies fascist. Fascist is a precise term, applying to a certin epoch, under specific conditions.

Voting is the least important political act there is. Your newspaper is more a blow against the system, than your vote for this or that politician.

You were prophetic, about the spying issue. You saw it before anyone.

I've been begging Olive to have her own blog.


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