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Thursday, February 01, 2007

More from Mr. Clegg

I hate it when stuff is taken out of context just to prove a point, so I must mention that, contextually, it looks like he was telling a joke. I'd say he told it about as well as John Kerry told his.

Clegg being asked what sorts of opposing viewpoints he encounters when asked to speak about anti-Affirmative Action.

"The audiences are generally polite, too. I get called a racist now and then, usually by an obnoxious white kid trying to prove something or other, but so far I've not experienced the threats or shouting-down attempts that Linda Chavez or Ward Connerly sometimes get. Maybe that's because, as a white male Southerner, it is clear that, whatever my many failings, at least I'm not a race traitor."

Ha Ha Ha -- those crazy Republicans! Not a race traitor... that's good stuff.

By the way, I have never heard a word mentioned about Cleggs or Ward Connerly's political affiliation, yet I'm sure they're Republican. Anyone care to disagree?

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