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Friday, January 19, 2007

Is Obama Bullet-Proof?

Years back, there was a push to have Colin Powell run for president. This, of course, was before the General had committed to a political party. After he declared as a Republican, the push seemed stronger.

What struck me then was the statement he made in the face of all this back-slapping adoration. After consulting with his wife Alma and the rest of his family, he said words to this effect: ‘I don’t think the Secret Service could protect me from those who wished to do me harm.’

I was flabbergasted. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that even white candidates have to deal with crazies. Hell, if Gerald Ford can be the target of an assassination, pretty much everyone in the office is fair game.

No, the underlying thoughts of that statement were A) hatred for an African American man as president would be so virulent that the best work of the Secret Service would be insufficient to keep him alive or B) The Secret Service wouldn’t provide its “best” work.

Either way, it was frightening. When we have so much going wrong in the world and in this country, the only real rallying cry some “U.S. residents” [I can't call them citizens] can relate to is ‘No n*****s for President.’ Brilliant.

So, I wonder what’s changed now. Is Obama naïve? Or has something changed that we’re not aware of?

Next rant: Immigration and African Americans – Why the Hell Are We So Quiet on This Issue?

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Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 1:28 PM~  

His politics are not too far from Lieberman's.

Blogger GraemeAnfinson commented at 1:18 AM~  

i think a lot of people say that they would vote for an African American candidate, but when they are in the privacy of the voting booth they will vote for anyone but an African American.

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