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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Market Fundamentalism

The death of Augusto Pinochet the other day, and Milton Friedman last month, has had me thinking of market fundamentalism. Although I believe the original market fundamentalist beliefs came from the Austrian school of economics, the modern beliefs have chiefly become a US export. And a deadly US export at that, making Saudi Arabia’s Wahabism seem relatively harmless. Granted, it is not nearly as overt in its deaths, but the deaths still remain- and in a much higher numbers.

I saw this essay by noted Indian journalist P. Sainath. The essay, titled “and then there was a market,” brilliantly takes the neo-liberal world view to task. Due to the fact that I am swamped with the last two weeks of school, I thought this week I would lazily link to the essay. It is real short and worth your time, I promise.

Graeme Anfinson

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Blogger Jae commented at 8:46 AM~  

Hey Graeme -
Check out www.onenationnews.com. Go to the 'Download PDF' section in the upper right hand and hit the radio button.

Blogger GraemeAnfinson commented at 10:42 AM~  

That's awesome! Thanks

Anonymous Elizabethbranford commented at 6:02 PM~  

Pinochet. Don't even get me started.

As least we are also minus one more of his apologists with the resignation of Bolton.

I am not sure I can commit to your link right now- but I will give it a ...quickie.

Blogger sumo commented at 12:41 AM~  

I'm with EB on Pinochet...

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