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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Introducing Craig Bardo

Our next team member is a singular individual and a friend of mine. His postings will be up in two weeks. He is a fiercely intelligent, educated black man who lives in the South, owns his own business and takes no quarter from and gives no quarter to liberals. Craig Bardo is Conservative with a big C and makes no bones about the fact that the current U.S. government costs too much and does too much. Though he typically votes Republican, he takes that party to task if they stray too far from the conservative principals of limited government, low taxes, individual responsibility and a strong military. Though he may be outnumbered, he is never mentally outgunned....heeere's Craig!

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Blogger GraemeAnfinson commented at 10:04 PM~  

Welcome Craig!

Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 10:10 PM~  

Welcome Craig.

Now there is going to be some excitement here.

Blogger Olive commented at 10:01 AM~  

I'm already fuming! :-)

Blogger CB commented at 4:53 PM~  

Thanks everyone! I love you Olive...smooches!

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