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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Political Season -- it's raining syrup

There's an old saying that goes, 'Pouring syrup on a turd doesn't make it a pancake.'

As a relatively independent critical thinker, I am insulted. Bush is now talking about mulitlateral cooperation -- from the UN, the Dems, from the Washroom Guy that brushes off his $4,000 suit. What the hell has changed? What happened to 'Bring it on!' What happened to 'Mission Accomplished!'? 'Axis of Evil?'

What happened to, 'Screw you, we don't need you. We'll go it alone.'?

Turn on the TV now and he's talking about closing the secret CIA prisons; he's talking about how America isn't a nation that tortures enemy combatants. He reminds us -- God, help me, because with tax cuts for the wealthy and all the Hummers tooling around here I forget sometimes -- that we are at war.

How dare this.... Bush guy think I don't have access to a calendar and common sense. I mean, it could be that he found religion OR it could be that it's the season for politicians to trot in front of the hoi polloi and lie their asses off. Mark Kennedy makes me laugh the most; he is Bush's lapdog and his campaign is "We need an independent-minded senator to represent Minnesota." Who would that be, Mark? Norm "Senior Lapdog" Coleman? Wow. If we get both of them elected, maybe they will make pizza runs for the White House and take alternate blame for shooting Cheney's victim du jour.

All this love and respect and happiness and accountability talk is making me dizzy. That's not GOP-speak. They're talking like progressives!

Pancakes, anyone?

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Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 7:06 PM~  

Again a lesser Democrat pops up.

Your newspaper is more important than your vote.

Blogger CB commented at 7:45 PM~  

This is why I read this blog! While I may not agree with the conclusions, the opinion was was elegantly stated.

Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 9:27 PM~  

Oops, I mean lesser evil Democrat.

Check your email.

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