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Sunday, July 23, 2006

I have it!

I have sat in front of this monitor and agonized about what the future of progressive politics looks like. And, as Nietzsche said, "When you stare into the monitor, it stares back at you." Or, something like that. Anyhoo (as a friend of mine says), two things occurred to me. 1) Money is the problem with politics today and 2) Moderate Republicans and Progressive Dems have a common interest in seizing federal government away from its hijackers and getting back to substantive dialogues.

My suggestion for #1 is that I welcome any and all blogs that expand on this premise: How can we take money out of politics... more specifically, how can we neutralize its affect on the campaign trail? My first thoughts were to take the internet and have it offer something I call Absolute Politcal Transparency (I like acronyms that use the word "absolute"). An APT website would allow candidates to post any and all of its material into a secure site that would be monitored by the other side, so rejoinders could be added. The cost? Free. This means candidates can post speeches - text and videocast; brochures, pamphlets, position papers -- all of it. Free. The site would be overseen by either disinterested parties and/or opposition types. And -- this is important -- ALL of a candidate's material must be posted. After all, it's free, why wouldn't they want to post it all? The upshot is voters get to see the venality of some candidates, the inconsistencies of others, the habits and patterns of all of them.

My goal is HOW. How do we add to this framework to make it real? E.g. start in a medium-sized city to get the bugs out? Push the polticians for laws that make such APT sites taxfree? What are the technical difficulties... bandwidth, maintenance, security? I would love to create a fully-fleshed framework based on the input of hundreds, if not thousands of regular folks.

Post at will, people.

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Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 7:28 PM~  

The Democrats and Republicans aren't going to give up the $$$ nonviolently.

Instead of focusing on elections, focus on single issue groups that are based on principled demands, independant of endorsing candidates. Use those groups to build a duel power situation.

That is only an outline, I think if you give it some thought, you'll get what I'm saying.

There are three kinds of demands.
1) reform- Streetlight on the corner.

2) transitional- A demand that would have profound effect on the system, as No money for Israel, Out of Iraq etc.

3) revolutionary demand- All power to the working class.

All three are needed at certain times. Stay away from reform demands that put a bandaid on the system.

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