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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Logical conclusions

Time won't let us keep our viewpoints. Just as it takes away our beauty, our vigor, our tumescence, our pain, every day it takes our viewpoints and replaces them with slightly altered versions of the ones before. Don't believe me? David Horowitz was a liberal. The Taliban were students. The CIA (at least its precursor, the OSS) didn't believe in assassination or torture. Ann Coulter was a Democrat. Michael Jackson was cool. Politically, neo-cons were once liberals and being a liberal was considered an upstanding viewpoint.

Visions of Kristallnacht now dance in my head because we are so bread and circused up that we couldn't stop what's coming with a hall pass from God. What's coming is an increasingly skittish conservative minority who believe five things fervently:
1. Rich people should make the rules for everybody
2. Everybody hates us (rich people, white people, conservatives, etc)
3. The world is going to hell
4. Compassion is weakness
5. The ends justify the means

That's it. Five things. It's my universal field theory of conservative thought. Notice there is no mention of God, family, gayness or patriotism. In the dystopia of their choosing, why fix a broken world? Get that last quart of gas before it dries up. In a world where everybody hates us, isn't our right to torture those damn foreigners? And, if we have the technology to spy on every fucking soul on the planet, then by all means...

But, the CIA hasn't discovered a way to torture time; there is no conservative bill that allows for clocks to stand still. And, the untouchable nature of time kind of frightens me. How will it affect my attitude? Like the old men in armchairs who can't wait for young men to march to war and die, I am so disgusted by what I see day in and day out from these political usurpers that I am almost willing to let the best part of me march into oblivion.

I am almost willing to let die my belief -- my intense, lifelong belief -- in the good of humanity. I am ashamed and appalled by Muslims who torture and kill in the name Allah just as I am ashamed and appalled by soldiers who rape and kill in the name of a thrill.

Time after time I soak in atrocities, absurdities, lies, profanities, idiocies... and I become closer to what George W. Bush wants me to be: a revenge machine. He doesn't care if I hate him and his cronies, so long as I hate. My viewpoint is shifting, almost imperceptibly, to reflect the right's intolerance in a left-leaning mirror. I want action; I want them gone.

I. am. angry.

Anger is a hard horse to hold onto, especially when you see almost nothing else. Bush - angry. Rice - angry. Rove - angry. Rumsfeld - angry. Snow - greedy. Cheney - rabid.

I am fighting a fight that most all of us are losing because we think in terms of appropriate response -- that is, the Sean Connery line in 'The Untouchables,' (which defines 21st century America): 'You don't bring a knife to a gunfight.'

Here, we thought Bush had some kind of conservative utopia in mind, where abortions were illegal, we were feared by the world (kind of like Russia used to be), gays kept their mouths shut, our betters made the decisions for all of us and we were too shellshocked to notice how Aryan the phrase Homeland Security is.

We thought he was trying to carry on the American tradition of fairplay and respect for our shared past -- so we debated him; filibustered him; appealed to his sense of honor.

Nah. Didn't work. Bush and his posse are conservative like Log Cabin Republicans are straight.

I've called that crew brilliantly evil before, but they've outdone themselves with this one. The devil's biggest trick is getting everyone to believe he doesn't exist. This devil's trick has been to convert the opposition into demons without them knowing it.

My example? That motley crew of black men who were going to "bomb the Sears Tower."

The media reports the group's only "expert" at terrorism was an FBI plant who basically organized them. The government terrorist laid out the plans and when these low-income, dead-end Americans seized on, they were arrested and charged with terrorism.

While the government pats itself on the back and calls the nation secure, my take is they were shooting fish in a barrel. Guess what? MOST of us are pissed off. MOST of us want some relief from this unrelenting pressure. I'm pretty sure that group of black guys had been kicked in the ass about 100,000 times more by George W. Bush than Osama bin Laden. I'm even willing to consider the Jerry Springer factor... they were willing to act a fool just so they could be important, even if for the wrong reasons, even if for a moment.

As time passes, we drown a little bit more in this pool of hate. As we lose hours, days, weeks, months and years to this, we are being programmed: a little less understanding, a little more intolerant; a lot more angry.

Isn't it about time we perfected an antidote for Bush's bullshit?

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Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 12:14 AM~  

I think the Republicans know, what they are doing, is against the wishes, and the interests, of most of society. They know they won't be around too long, so therefore do all they can get away with, while they can. The Dems are more subtle, but they all march to the same tune.

As you know, the system is the problem. Capitalism can't keep people employed, with a decent salary and benefits, provide inexpensive housing, provide education at a cost most can afford, and will always have competition, including war for markets. People get diverted by ideology (false consciousness) as racism, sexism, homophobia etc.

Ultimately for example, if Northwest Airlines can't provide a life-style for its employees, maybe they should expropriate it from its owners.

Your approach is too individual. It's not your burden to do everything. You can do what you can. You have a newspaper and a blog.

Blogger Olive commented at 4:27 PM~  

Look: http://jatshergill.com/blog/2006/06/30/jon-stewart-on-the-chicago-sears-tower-terror-plot/

Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 11:42 AM~  

I had a thought, after walking by one of your newspaper racks.


Blogger the flying monkeys commented at 1:43 PM~  

I would agree with Ren and I think you really could

Blogger CB commented at 4:52 PM~  

Without Capitalism the egalitarian visions of leftists go unfunded! It together with representative government provides the most liberty available on earth. It is the least corrupt and most transparent form of government in existence - as evidenced by the NY Times relentless pursuit of state secrets to benefit our enemies.

Blogger CB commented at 5:00 PM~  

Jae's point is true! I was once a liberal. I disagree with many perspectives of the new england country club republicans, who wonder if we aggressively enforce control, who will water their lawns. I also disagree with the xenophobic modern conservatives of the Pat Buchannan ilk. The milquetoast Ohio republicans who are trying to derail Ken Blackwell are corrupt and as Jesus called middle of the road wishy washy types - lukewarm, that he would spew out of his mouth. I also have ought with some viewpoints of neo-cons...call me a negro con!

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