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Friday, June 09, 2006

The border

My good friend CB, who is my political opposite -- call him Bizarro Jae - suggested a Poli-Mob of Americans going to Mexico and demonstrating against illegal immigration. I think CB thinks my knee-jerk reaction to illegal immigrants would be support. That's not entirely true. My KNEE JERK reaction is that they're here illegally and demonstrating for rights they don't legally have. My next reflexive reaction is that the government should be able to send them back, since after all, they are illegal.

But, good liberal that I am, things come to mind. If I went through life acting on my first impulse, I'd spend most of my time behind bars. I want to do a joke about that concept, Rush Limbaugh and where I think he should be spending his golden years, but...

First, the individual has rights that go beyond government; the right to a decent life is one of them. Like other human rights, it is inalienable. Borders are irrelevant. Who among the pragmatic, Mona Charen-worshipping conservative sect honestly believe a good man or woman is going to sit idly by and watch his or her family starve rather than cross an imaginary borderline? George W. Bush would raise his hands, but he has lying confused with breathing.

These are people who are coming here to work and work hard -- that should be taken into account, just as the failure of the Mexican government in regards to its citizens should be taken into account.

Mexican president Vicente Fox has quite a pair if he can go to his idol, Bush, with a straight face and say, 'Please don't send soliders to the border.' It's obvious he doesn't want any barriers in the Mexican exodus. In a nation of about 100 million people, conservative estimates are that 12 million Mexican people have left the country for the U.S. That's comparable to CALIFORNIA packing up and leaving the states. That outflux has an honest cause: Mexico has a history of corruption and tyranny towards its people. I feel for them, primarily because we are walking down that same path.

Certainly, the tyranny of GOP vote-squelching measures, unchecked surveillance and wrong-headed tax cuts are aesthetically on a higher tyrannical plane than the clear-cut, brutal tyranny of Mexico. But, the corruption looks pretty damn similar.

Secondly, I am concerned with ANY move this government makes since its inherent insincerity is creating a legacy of hateful, xenophobic people. I deal enough with my own prejudices; they are hard enough to overcome without a subverted government telling me who to hate and why. And, why do they want us to be hateful? Because hate is a manifestation of fear and fear is the easiest button in the world to push. We are scared of phantom terrorists, ghost bombs, rumored nukes and two guys getting married. Sure, I'll vote for the devil if it means I won't get bombed. I will be your bitch, Neo-Cons, just keep the world away.

What the fuck? What kind of fears are those? Whatever happened to death, growing old, lonlieness and whether or not our kids hate us? It's NOT the world or even an unusually sticky political situation that's the problem; it's our government that is making the issues of this era a big deal. Do you honestly believe WWI, WWII and Viet Nam were shits and giggles for the people of those times? They were hard times, times when the ever-present governmental tendency to close off borders and chain up civilians reared its ugly head and did bad things. But, common sense won out.

So, when it comes to the borders, let's talk among ourselves little more. I don't trust our government and I don't trust conservatives to tell me the truth. So, in the end, CB is right, I do support the rights of those immigrants -- their HUMAN rights. I guess I believe there's no such thing as an illegal person.

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Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 2:05 PM~  

Good post, with a prequel, morphing to a surprise middle.

Blogger the flying monkeys commented at 12:28 PM~  

Excellent post. I also enjoyed the original one Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blogger CB commented at 8:28 AM~  

I don't hate immigrants, legal or extra legal, if you prefer. I hate the forms of government that produce the extra legal sort. Capitalism, and democracy have their flaws, but as Churchill said, democracy is the worst form of government, except all others. There is simply nothing better than capitalism and democracy together. All attempts to curb either only makes things worse.

The size of our government threatens our democracy and limits our freedoms. There are bureaus and agencies led and run by unelected, unaccountable functionaries, exersizing more control and influence over our daily lives than most people realize. Yet, even with the creeping growth of government, what we have here far exceeds the corruption and tyanny represented by the European, Asian, African and American peoples who have circumvented the legal process for entry into our governing framework.

These extra legals are not fleeing to governments like their own. The huge illegal Irish population (no one really objects to calling anglos illegal), for example, is not migrating to England which continues to curb capitalism and erode democracy. The Chinese, Thai and Korean populations here without proper documentation aren't going to Seoul or Tokyo, one because those democracies don't have the lax policies we do in America and two, because although Korea is booming and Japan is returning to a strong economic footing following years of recession and indeed depression, neither represents the economic opportunity, nor the personal freedoms America offers.

My beef is threefold and it is not with the people who, as my friend says, are trying to feed their families. My beef is with the government of a country with greater raw resources per capita than even our own. My beef is with country club republicans who place their economic interests ahead of the principles which draw others here, potentially our security and clearly ahead of their own integrity. Finally, it is with those, perhaps like my friend - who I need to get up to Minnie to party with before the summer ends, who fail to discern or who ignore the distinctions that create the push from one and the pull to the other.

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