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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Hey! I need help for ideas for group political statements that are done artistically -- poli-mobs! I am a HUGE fan of the two guys who made it through Dick Cheney's press conference a couple of weeks back. One, who I admire no end, asked him if he wasn't ashamed at what he'd done to this nation (surrounded by a bunch of rabid, conservative, booing Republicans, no less), while the other stood with his back to Cheney as a protest. That's the kind of thing that I'm looking for. If I can get some good ideas, I want to implement them. I can send out broadcast emails beyond this, but this is Idea Central as far as I'm concerned. No idea is too weird or silly for consideration. My first couple of thoughts are pretty pedestrian: going to a Norm Coleman talk and turning our backs in unison; wearing photocopied Bush masks and burning photocopies of the U.S., going to a Norm Coleman talk with photoshopped pictures of his head on a dog's body and Bush holding the leash (OK, do you get it? I don't like Norm.)

Help me leave the cul-de-sac of Norm Coleman and come up with some other ideas.

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Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 8:57 PM~  

Al Franken will do it for you.

Something is wrong with the template, with the new links. The email I sent with links, all you need to do, is copy and paste to template.

I was thinking of having a breakfast thing at a restaraunt, for left and progressive bloggers. The right does that all the time.

Blogger Olive commented at 7:16 AM~  

Our next rally? We need to leave Loring Park/the Capitol/the Lake Street bridge and take it right to the front doors of the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press. Our messages evaporate into the ether because of a complicit corporate media that will not report that which this Administration does not want them to report. Hard to ignore if we're right outside their windows.

That's one idea. I'll keep drinking coffee and thinking.

Blogger the flying monkeys commented at 9:26 AM~  

Sounds interesting. Got me thinking...

Blogger the flying monkeys commented at 9:55 AM~  

Sorry for tagging you

Blogger CB commented at 11:45 AM~  

How about going to Mexico City and protesting illegal immigration into the U.S. while waiving an American flag?

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