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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How about a consistent justice?

Does anyone remember the name Michael Fortier? Fortier was an Army buddy of white supremacist Timothy McVeigh. Fortier, pleaded guilty to not telling authorities in advance about the Oklahoma City bomb plot that killed 168 people and agreed to testify against McVeigh and Nichols. Fortier was released from a federal prison in January 2006 after serving about 85 percent of a 12-year sentence.

Notwithstanding that I believe 9/11 was a fundraiser, why is Zacarias Moussaoui facing a death penalty for basically the same charges? Even prosecutors say his worst crime is that he didn't tell anyone -- much like Fortier. Could it be that Moussaoui's from out of town?

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Blogger Olive commented at 7:19 AM~  

The other thing that gets me about that trial is the emotional rehashing of that day. They've trotted in one 9/11 survivor after another to retell the horror and consequent agony of 9/11. As if the tragedy isn't already understood. I mean, is there an emotional litmus test for the death penalty? 1,000 tears doesn't qualify but 10,000 tears does?

If withholding information isn't death-penalty material, than it just isn't... no matter how many people you get to share their grief.

Also, as Jae alluded, we aren't being told the truth about 9/11. And if the truth is as abominable as some people are suggesting, then Moussaoui is nothing but a not-too-lucid scapegoat.

But it's great television and gives an easily tranquilized public something about which to feel vindicated.

Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 11:09 AM~  

Good point about the differences in sentences.

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