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Monday, April 03, 2006

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged! Now, I must answer questions and tag four others. But, first I have to acknowledge my tagger, Renegade Eye at: http://advant.blogspot.com. Go, it's a good site.

I have to answer the following questions... then I'll name the four I'm tagging. They will have to answer the same questions... and tag four other bloggers. This should be done on their own site... but link me to it when you do...

1) What are your guilty pleasures??
Comic books and 80s movies

2) What song is your theme song?
"Good Time Charlie's Got the Blues"

3) You receive $20.00 change in a retail store. The correct change is
$1.00. What do you do?
Give it back.

4) You know your friend's husband has another lover. Tell wifey?
Extricate myself from the situation and watch from a distance; it will likely explode and when it does, I can offer condolences, advice.

5) Who do you admire, that would surprise others?
George Clinton has plugged into a serious collective consciousness.

Here are my four and everyone check these blogs out, they’re all good (is that what you thought is provacative)..

Is That What You Thought
Oliver Willis
Zimbabwean Pundit
The Assimilated Negro

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