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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Kill 'em all

As we sip our coca-colas, slip into our bathtubs, try on new shoes, our society grows more barbarous by the minute. Under the radar of our coke-drinking, fresh-smelling, newly shod selves, we have approved the concept of killing a man for not divulging details of a plot. (If memory serves, we've already killed our first drunk driver criminal. I'm fuzzy on the concept, but wouldn't a life sentence have prevented that crime from happening again? And, if we are killing chronic drunk drivers, why not swim upriver to the source and kill chronic drinkers? ... after all most of them have cars.)

As Zacarias Moussaoui unravels and becomes a PROSECUTION WITNESS at his own trial; I am witness to an ugly turning point (technically a turning-back point considering this country's past love affair with lynching) that defines us all as killers of first resort.

Even the prosecutors admit that Moussaoui killed no one; even the prosecutors admit that he was not a 9/11 participant; even a blind person can see that Moussaoui WANTS to be a martyr. I don't respect his hatred for America; but I respect the fact that he is a living person. Governments should not grow comfortable with meting out death. They shouldn't.

Individuals can and do lose control. Horrific things are done in the name of passion and God. No individual has set up a tri-partite system of government with checks and balances in his soul. That's what we pay government for. To work in the province of our social relations. Government should be dispassionate.

When we are crying for vengeance and death and destruction, we are being human. The rallying cry for reason should always come from government. Vengeance belongs to the Lord, not the U.S. -- or any nation. If Moussaoui was involved; then try him and convict him and jail him. I fear the slope gets too slippery when government kills because of withheld information.

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Blogger Jae commented at 4:25 PM~  

My mistake regarding the drunk driving death penalty: "A Winston-Salem jury convicted Thomas Richard Jones of first-degree murder for killing two Wake Forest University students and injuring four others. Jurors rejected the death penalty, sentencing Jones to life in prison instead.

The court eventually overturned the murder conviction, but left standing drunk driving conviction and Jones remains in prison. In its unanimous decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the felony-murder law could not be used in impaired-driving cases. Allowing such application, the judges explained, could result in capital charges in other cases of criminal negligence that resulted in death."

Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 11:05 PM~  

There also was prosecuitorial misbehavior; allowing witnesses to read trial transcripts.

Blogger Olive commented at 3:53 PM~  

We’ve gone so far afield of basic American values – those principals embodied in the constitution – that I don’t think a simple changing of the guard can bring us back.

Americans who, in 2000, were 22 years old –- which is about the age at which one starts considering bigger pictures -- are now closing in on 30. Worldviews have been cemented by this criminal enterprise known as the Bush Administration. How do we reclaim as a nation, that which a large segment of the population has never learned to value?

… that’s assuming we can run these bastards out of Washington. They’re cancer cells -- mutating, multiplying, and destroying. In my lame metaphor, the media is the mammogram we blew off.

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