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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

If we're at war...

If we're at war - why are we giving tax cuts to our wealthier citizens; don't we need that money to fight? After all in WWII they rationed materials and raised taxes.

If we're at war - who are we fighting? If it's just Osama bin Laden, why isn't he dead? The military-industrial complex can't find and kill one guy?

If we're at war - what country is our enemy and why?

If we're at war - why would Bush tell us "not to worry about security" during the Dubai ports deal?

If we're at war - and we need more soliders, why isn't there a draft?

If we're at war - what will our victory look like? Who needs to be dead and why?

If we're at war - why aren't American companies joining in? Why aren't steel companies refusing to sell steel to our "enemies"? Why aren't gun manufacturers refusing to sell guns to our "enemies"?

If we're at war - why won't our government be transparent about the cause for our war - 9/11? Why were civilian tapes of the Pentagon attack confiscated? Why do researchers believe it was a cruise missile that attacked the Pentagon? Why did the World Trade Center towers and World Trade #7 fall STRAIGHT DOWN when that's atypical behavior for such well-built structures? And, what were the series of explosions heard by everyone near the tower attacks?

If we're at war - what the hell do we care about how Saddam Hussein treats his citizens?

Apparently, this is a very warm and fuzzy war. We get to go nation-building by taking out a dictator who had nothing to do with the attacks; we get to keep driving our SUVs and bitching about abortion and gay marriage. We don't have to worry about being drafted. We only have to kill one guy. We get to choose new enemies each week -and then make up with them. We don't have to worry about national security. Our companies don't have any special restrictions put on their sales. And, we've won when we say we won.

Doesn't sound like war to me; it sounds more like a fundraiser.

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Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 12:25 AM~  

War is a fundraiser.

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