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Monday, February 13, 2006

The team that's running the country

For all the conservatives out there who are standing on moral high ground -- a little more erosion occurred for you. Dick Cheney "accidentally" shot a man apparently while hunting and the guy is in intensive care.

What's the big deal, you might ask? Hunting accidents happen all the time. Well, interestingly enough, this hunting accident was about to disappear. A mini-cover up was apparently set to run its course until an enterprising reporter and a socially conscious landowner connected to make the news public.

What a difference a day makes -- Clinton hiding an extramarital blow job versus Cheney attempting to hide shooting someone. It's official, conservatives have no shame.

From the Daily Kos -

The more than 18-hour delay in news emerging that Dick Cheney, putative Vice President of the United States had shot a man, sending him to an intensive care unit with his wounds, grew even more curious late Sunday. E&P has learned that the official confirmation of the shooting came about only after a local reporter in Corpus Christi, Texas, received a tip from the owner of the property where the shooting occured and called Vice President Cheney's office for confirmation.

The confirmation was made but there was no indication whether Cheney's office, the White House, or anyone else intended to announce the shooting if the reporter, Jaime Powell of the Corpus Christ Caller-Times, had not received word from the ranch owner.

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Blogger Olive commented at 1:04 PM~  

Who among us hasn't wondered aloud, 'what, these guys gotta shoot someone before their disciples hold them accountable for their actions?'

Well, guess what... not even a shooting shames the Bush/Cheney apologists. Already the spin-meisters are bobbing and weaving, placing the blame on the careless 78 year old attorney who put his body in the way of the "careful" Cheney's shot gun.


Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Bush is pulling an imaginary 9/11 plot against LA out of his butt. Says he prevented an attack on Los Angeles at that's all the evidence he needs to provide to Americans that his spy program is necessary and works.

Problem is, neither the CIA nor the mayor of Los Angeles has ever heard of the LA plot. When in hot water, make shit up.

Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 8:18 PM~  

Cover-up mode is the normal operating procedure.

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