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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

No conservative left behind

In a variation on the Bushie's No Child Left Behind, but without the elements of scam, disingenuousness or downright cynicism, I say we have to save the conservatives from themselves.

Renegade Eye, one of the most thoughtful and precise bloggers I've had the pleasure to encounter, suggests it might be a waste of time to try to convert the unconverted. I disagree. While you can't spend all your time dragging a dead mule you have to pull on the rope a couple of times.

Not to do so is to fall into the conservative trap of "otherness." As in - 'those bastard conservatives!' But, otherness is a trick of the light. My good friend CB gleefully reminds me that the neocon movement is based on the thoughts of former liberals -- Jewish, East Coast Liberals, even! But, I refuse to see them as irredeemable.

I respect the intelligence of those founders of the neocon movement, but I despise their politics. Still, it's my belief they didn't suddenly wake up with a hard-on for Ronald Reagan (my God! That's distasteful image!) Over the course of their days, I'm sure traditional conservatives badgered, cajoled and pushed them incrementally to the dark side. Hell, not even Hitler woke up one day to be Der Fuehrer. It was a process.

Call me soft - and conservatives will do just that -- but you shouldn't leave even the CREATORS of darkness in the dark if you can help it. You should add your own little push to the process of their redemption. Most won't budge, but you've got to try. Mahatma Gandhi preached to the choir AND the oppressors. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s major triumph was convincing the unconvinced.

I think my challenge is to balance the actions I choose to take to help get us the hell out of hell with the proselytizing I do to.

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Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 9:44 PM~  

The people who turned into neocons were even in their days on the left, very anti-Soviet Union.

Whwn one does a political conversion, the seeds of the change, is in its former position.

John Steinbeck went from Grapes of Wrath to conservatism. Probably in his disguise on the left, you'll find anticommunism, American exceptionalism, etc.

If you change someone politically, it will be based on your agreements, not your arguments.

Blogger Olive commented at 12:03 PM~  

I'm more concerned with saving us from them than I am in saving them from themselves. They're like cats. Put the food out and walk away, because as long as they think you want them to eat, you won't see them. Once you've left the room, however, they may make tentative steps towards the bowl.

Call me cynical, angry, fed up, but, as far as I'm concerned all the conservatives who lied, cheated, scammed and schemed their way to the top can get on a boat and sail it off the edge of their 5th century world-view.

But that's just me.

Blogger CB commented at 8:15 AM~  

Jae & Olive,

You've given me reason to belly laugh (and with so much belly these days, that could be dangerous). I must be too naive, I just haven't met these evil conservatives of which you speak. It could be that I'm too close and I'm suffering from Stockholm syndrome.


It's not that deep!

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