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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A cottage industry

If someone wanted to be the next Bill Gates, I suggest they would not have to go the extra mile to actually create something of value. In fact, (and conservatives will love this), all they have to do is help Americans roll the clock back.

The next billionaire will be the person who figures out how to keep me the hell out of the government's and corporate America's databases. With the mad bomber (Al-Jazeera being Bush's latest target) having stolen the White House and a remote controlled judge-jury-executioner robot named Predator patrolling the skies, it's too dangerous to be slightly out of the mainstream.

Shield me from prying electronic eyes when I google "communism;" wrest my demographic information from the DMV before they give it to the feds; bitch slap my physician before he can sell the chronicle of my ailments to Pfizer.

In about 20 years of "conservative" rule, we are being watched at a level that would make Big Brother resign from the family. Even more frightening is the fact that the Mad Bomber is going to Joe and Wendy Sue Sixpack and telling them with a straight face -- 'I need to spy on you.' And, they're buying it.

Trust me, when Alito is confirmed (and, I've got to believe even God is shrugging his shoulders wondering how that came to past), we are officially in the American Taliban century.

He and his cronies will strip away rights we didn't even know we had. The shameless corporation that bought the water rights to a river near a South American village and nearly had them die of thirst because they couldn't afford to pay their fees will see the new, America 2.0 and wonder if they can get a licensing fee paid to them for breathing.

A call to action people -- this crew of thieves are not your friends. Instead of wishing for invisibility, it might be better to fight for human dignity.

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Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 9:18 PM~  

No matter who Bush puts up you'll dislike him. I think ignore fighting Scalito. The fun part is that Roe vs Wade coming to the Supreme Court, is the Republican's worse nightmare. It will never be overturned by a Republican, because it'll split the party. The Dems would lose their main boogyman as well.

Much of the spying started with Clinton.

You are right. Just as Joe Hill said," Don't Mourn Organize."

Blogger CB commented at 8:00 AM~  

Welcome back!

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