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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The parable of the bird, cat and cow

Not even CLOSE to an original writing of mine; but, what the hey! It's become a modern day parable:

A bird was flying south for the winter. As the weather grew colder, the bird found he couldn't fly any farther and landed in a field. He was cold, despondent and certain that he would die. A cow wandered by and, indifferent to the bird and his travails, shit on him. Though the bird at first felt foresaken by all of his bird gods, in the midst of his wailing and moaning he realized something. The steaming load of shit was keeping him warm! As the hours passed and he grew accustomed to the smell and foulness; his spirits rose. He would be able to survive the cold! So he started singing. Just then, a cat happened by who heard the bird's song. The cat scraped away the shit and ate the bird...

WHWLINE (What have we learned if nothing else?): Not everybody who shits on you is your enemy. Not everybody who gets you out of shit is your friend. And if you're happy is a pile of shit, keep your big mouth shut.

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Blogger the flying monkeys commented at 3:14 PM~  

You got me thinking. Thanks for this post.

Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 9:08 PM~  

I'm not very scatological.

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