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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Is the GOP delusional?

I always read conservative posts, but it's been soooooooooooooo much fun lately. I love how the people who pride themselves on 'realism,' 'pragmastism,' and 'straight shooting' are pretzling up on their ... how can I put this diplomatically?... Ass-kicking! The positions by which they have basically held America hostage are melting away and folks like Mona Charen, George Will, Linda Chavez, Anne Coulter... hell, George Wallace, if he was alive, are talking like liberals. All of them say conservatism wasn't repudiated ;-) and that what really sunk the GOP battleship was corruption, losing sight of conservative viewpoints. My point of view is that that was the conservative viewpoint. Duke Cunningham and Jack Abramoff understood the free market system, they just happened to be buying and selling policy. Bill Frist and Trent Lott (Mr. MINORITY Whip) understand the GOP social agenda -- it was better in the 1950s when women and people of color were under the thumbs of all-powerful white guys.

Karl Rove understands conservatism best of all -- it means Republicans in office with no oversight. Screw Iraq and terrorism; they're talking points. Conservatives didn't vote any of these people out of office (CB, did you go for Corker or Ford?), liberals and moderates did. The voters who were sick of exactly what conservatism stands for said, 'enough.' And, I am joyful. Certainly, millions of misguided Americans voted for the status quo, but I am smiling because the GOP has been exposed for what it is: a country club for intolerant Southern white guys who simply don't want to fall out of power. It is retreating back to Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama and all those backwaters where the American caste system still reigns. I am heartened because if Will, Coulter and their ilk have sway on what comes next for the GOP, it will continue to follow its amply demonstrated conservatism out of major party status. It's simple math, eventually women are going to want some real power within the party; eventually people of color will be so great in numbers that the inherent intolerance and racism turn them (and moderate white people) away. Despite some serious lip service to African American GOP candidates, only two received anything close to full party support: Ken Blackwell and Michael Steele. And, in case you didn't notice, Kwiesi Mfume ran strong in the Democratic primaries -- negating the GOP outreach to African Americans in that race. Have there been enough Democratic pushes for African American candidates, no. But, of the 43 members of the Congressional Black Caucus, guess how many are Republicans? Nada. Zip. Donut hole. Despite Ken Mehlman's BS, there was never a real push for African American candidates in the party. And, the party's push for Hispanics? I'm going to take a flyer and say they are focusing on white, affluent Hispanics, such as the first generation Cubans -- kind of like Mel Martinez, a white guy with an accent. Ain't diversity grand?

But, before I end my post, I'd like to say this: I am looking to put together a blog team. I'd like people of various races, genders and political persuasions to help me with daily postings. I"m looking at between 7 and 10 people, and I'd like them to bring links to the four or five blogs they deeply believe in. I'm able to put some of the postings in a community newspaper and on the AP wires. If you're interested, post. If there's someone you think should be interested, let 'em know.

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Blogger Olive commented at 3:40 PM~  

Yes. The GOP is delusional.

Blogger CB commented at 7:14 PM~  

I used to see Harold on flights from Memphis to Nashville. We would talk occasionally and he is a nice guy. He did some contorting of his positions, but, by and large, I think he was the most talented campaigner in this past political season. With everyone now swinging off of Obama's jock, I think Democrats missed their big opportunity with Ford. He is much more poised, polished and articulate than Obama ever thought about being.

I swallowed hard and voted for Corker. It didn't go down easy either. Not because I felt like I should have voted for Harold, but because Corker is like coffee that has sat around too long, you just want to spit him out of your mouth. On the larger issues, he is closer than Harold. But he is of that vile, so called, moderate breed.

LOL about your characterization of Martinez, I'm actually inclined to agree.

What I find interesting about Maryland is that black folk didn't support the well known Mfume, but neither did white Democrats. There were no cries of racism however.

Steele, who didn't run a single negative ad, a huge mistake, was clearly the best candidate. Even my leftist mother acknowledged that. But the Dems put out a hit job on the brotha. Obama said don't vote based on color. They bought out the first ""black President," basically pulling out all the stops - claiming intimidation - dead voters, etc. But why? Fear of a black Republican - Public Enemy #1.


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