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Friday, December 01, 2006

It's time to have some fun!

I am walking into the One Nation News prize vault (in your mind, read that with the voice of the most obnoxious morning DJ you can imagine) and selecting a prize especially for you! The first five people to answer this question correctly -- "What the *$@!% is (his/her/their) problem; why are they ________? I've got half a mind to ________. -- will win fabulous prizes!

There are wrong answers to this people -- I just don't know what they are.

The Grail in this contest is not a small, large-eyed French women, rather it consists of five DVDs, there are 3 Drumline and 2 Big Black Comedy Shows. One for each winner.

A caveat: Though this material must be mailed, your information is not going into any database. In fact, after I mail this crap to you, not only will I never mail you again, I probably will despise you for making me spend time and effort sending it off in the first place. So, a very real side effect of winning is drawing the unreasoned rage of a large, surly black man.

Good luck!

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Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 4:14 PM~  

Laughing at me : spray them with seltzer water.

I'm a Drumline guy.

Blogger Olive commented at 5:23 PM~  

What the *$@!% is Putin's problem? Why is he having people poisoned? I've got half a mind to send him a bag of September spinach.

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 10:17 AM~  

What the *$@!% are the Bush Twin's problem? Why are they running around Buenos Aires like a couple of drunken sailors? I've got half a mind to disappear them.

Blogger Jae commented at 7:53 AM~  

Anonymous -
You are a winner. Email me where you want your Big Black .... Comedy Show DVD mailed to!

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