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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Only a pawn in their game

What is the best way to keep the poor, who vastly outnumber the rich, busy fighting each other and not looking at the man behind the curtain? Create conflict. Separate people into different sects. I remember when I visited the Dachau concentration camp; I wondered why such a large group of people allowed themselves to be controlled by such a small number of guards. The answer was, as I found out, that the guards had set up a system of hierarchy. They had turned the people against each other, convinced some that they were better than others. Pick up a newspaper and read about this happening in every corner of the world, only on a larger scale.

Sectarianism and hierarchy benefit the powerful and destroy the weak. Leaders enjoy the power while the people get slaughtered. Struggles can be within one religion or between religions. Struggles can be between tribes or clans, it doesn’t really matter. They can be about anything with any group of people. The only thing that remains consistent is that the people die and the power of the leaders multiplies. Why do we count on these “leaders” to provide solutions? It is quite clear the ruling class has an interest in keeping the lower classes fighting each other.

I am convinced the only was to combat this nonsense is through a grassroots, decentralized, international movement. We need a true democratic movement that allows the masses a voice in the world that they inhabit, a globalization of sorts. A globalization that is radically different than the one that is being forced on us today. There are several groups that have a history fighting for these goals (the IWW comes to mind).

I know, it is easier said than done and maybe a tad bit idealistic, but there has got to be something better than a world full of poor people killing each other for whatever reason the ruling class has come up with this year.

Graeme Anfinson

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Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 1:03 PM~  

I've been pondering, in order to restore a society, whether bureaucracy is a necessary stage?

The main way to divide historically is racism. That is the easiest way to cause overt violence.

Blogger Jae commented at 3:59 PM~  

Well said, Graeme. Your topic touches on the subject of one my earliest posts -- how consistently afraid we are of "our government." Black, white, Republican, Democratic. We all believe that our government would kill us without compunction if it so desired. What you're saying in your post would endanger your life in Iran or Saudi Arabia. I contend that it's also a dangerous thing to say here. With Predator remote missile technology and extensive CIA knowledge of covert murder methods, it's not far-fetched to believe that our fellow citizens are being "disappeared" right now from under our noses. It is a tiresome burden, to be forever afraid of your government. I think addressing that murderous element of our government is the only human and humane thing to do.

Blogger Jae commented at 4:01 PM~  

As a point of proof: Gary Webb

Blogger GraemeAnfinson commented at 9:43 PM~  

Wow, I had never heard that Jae. Scary shit.

I have often thought about that as well Renegade. I tend to side with Bakunin. People tend to get stuck in the transitional bureaucracy stage. unchecked power corrupts. maybe there could be a way to work in checks and balances. i don't know. you should post some of your thoughts on the subject. it would be interesting

Blogger sumo commented at 10:31 PM~  

Great post...I had some of the same thoughts about the camp populations and never looked at it the way Jae said. I learned something here...thanks. Too bad about Webb...very sad.

Blogger CB commented at 5:25 PM~  


Most American wealth is first generation, it's brand new! What heirarchy?

The only true heirarchy historically or currently comes from kingdoms or leftist governments. A wealthy elite ruling class lords over the proletariat. No mobility and much discontent that is supressed at the business end of a rifle.

Much love!

Blogger GraemeAnfinson commented at 10:35 PM~  

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Blogger GraemeAnfinson commented at 10:43 PM~  

Hey CB. Nice to meet you dude. I think I have seen you comment on Say Anything before. I comment on there somewhat.

the problem is that most of that "new American wealth" is owned a small portion of americans. One percent of americans own 40 percent of American wealth. A recent report says 2 percent of the world's population owns 50 percent of the world's wealth. these are the hyper wealthy that are taxed less here than any industrialized country in the world.

the heirarchy exists from the hyper-rich organizations and people that use their wealth as political and industrial power, not the next door millionaires who use their wealth as a personal safety net. anyone who has asked if they can go to the bathroom at work understands this

Blogger CB commented at 6:47 AM~  

The top 1 percent of income earners pay over 34% of the taxes in this country, the top 5% pay more than 50%, the top 50% pay more than 96%. Businesses, not government, create jobs, fund charities and retirement plans.

I've worked at wharehouses, gas stations, resorts and other places where I've been told when to do what and how, including going to the bathroom. I used those jobs to acheive a goal and moved on, like the future millionaires who worked along side me or one millionaire who used to empty my trash and cleaned my office, like he had for others for 30 years.

Blogger GraemeAnfinson commented at 10:05 AM~  

The issue isn't the percentage of taxes that they pay, it is how much they pay in relation to how much they have. They clearly benefit off our system, and they clearly use their wealth to influence politicians (who a lot of times are the same people).How about a direct tax on wealth? Since Reagan the wealth of the top has doubled or tripled even adjusted for inflation, and the middle and lower classes have stayed the same. There hasn't been this divide in income since the 1890s. Robber baron times. as far as business creating everything, what about the success of the new deal? Social security has been one of the greatest programs in history. FDR basically created the middle class through market intervention (and the market fundamentalists haven't forgiven him yet). The scandinavian countries pay twice the taxes we do but consistently rank at the top of best places to live. There is basically no poverty. Corporations are being taxed at the lowest levels since WWII but this hasn't "trickled down" to the worker. Worker pay has remained stagnant or actually decreased (when adjusted for inflation) while the "managers" have seen there salary skyrocket. We aren't going to wait for the "market" to fix it, we have bills to pay.

I worked on a potato farm for years, a restaurant for years, a movie theater,fast food and now a factory for 7 years and the one thing that is consistent is that people are unhappy. For every one of those workers that emptied your trash and became a millionaire there is several thousand who were "downsized."

The solution is worker run businesses. Give people a voice at work and watch morale and production rise.

Why are you guys so against democracy in the workplace? My only idea is that you guys believe people are too stupid to have a vote at work. They need to be led, like sheep. I hear the old adage, "people expect to be led." I reject this notion.

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