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Thursday, May 31, 2007

What Are We Conserving?

I've been reading about Monica Goodling who reveals herself proudly as a conservative, Christian woman. An attendee of Liberty University and a spiritual godchild of Jerry Falwell, who in death somehow was cursed for his political conservatism, while escaping unscathed for his staunch segregationist views (well beyond the time it was discovered that black people don't have tails).

This new and improved Justice Department that Goodling worked in sought to push African American calls for redress to the far fringes of society. Instead, it worked mightily to ensure that Christians, particularly white, conservative Christians, aren't being discriminated against.

The question that beggars the imagination is how can people who have ALL of this society's blessings (free, white and 21, remember) possess the hypocrisy to paint themselves as victims. Victims of what? Certainly not black on white or even brown on white crime. Despite the screaming headlines on the front of your corporate daily newspaper; those are statistical anomalies. Black on black or brown on brown is far more common. Much of the time, we don't even live in the same neighborhoods.

Are they being victimized by higher taxes? Well, I'm sorry, the reality is that that's not the racial issue some would have you believe. Defense is the white elephant in the room, not welfare. Call that what it is -- "white on white, black, brown and red" crime. And, (once more with feeling) African Americans do not recieve even a quarter of the nation's payouts in welfare. African Americans receive a fractional amount in welfare. And, in overall numbers, when social services are cut, those cuts hurt white families even more than they hurt black families.

So, I have to ask. What are conservatives conserving? Is it Reagan's racial dystopia, where a privileged white few set all the rules and social uprising is met with mass firings, or being fired upon?

Is it Reagan's voodoo economics, where the only indicator of economic health that matters is how well the nation's millionaires and billionaires are doing?

Is it Reagan's "small government" manifesto? Which resulted in the coldblooded policy of dumping half a million human beings into the street, thus creating a "homeless problem"?

Is it Reagan's ethical mores? Or, should I say the Ollie North Morality, which, like Hitler's fervently believes that any ends justifies the means -- including flooding poisonous crack cocaine into the nation's black communities to fund a war that supported a repressive regime?

So, in the areas of taxes, race, economics, limited government and ethics, I see little but intolerance and cruelty on the part of conservatives. So, I assume Monica Goodling must have a deep-seated belief in war because that seems to be the only thing that doesn't seem to be deteriorating under their watch.

To all the Goodlings and CBs of the world, I have to ask -- is this really what you want to conserve?

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