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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Writing SEO articles is an art ... kinda

I wrote this for Airborne Athletics couple of months ago; it's one of a series of 10 they commissioned from me. It is SEO'ed within an inch of its life. It's an example of micro-targeting that's been effective for them. They asked me to keep it simple and I did. Simplicity, as Mark Twain will tell you, isn't as easy as it looks. I rewrote this about five times to get it "simple" enough -- and that was after I'd done buttloads of research. I don't get a byline or royalties, but I'm told the views have been "very satisfactory." - Jae
Basketball gives us all we need to succeed. The 18-inch rim is twice as wide as the ball. Put ‘A’ in ‘B’ and repeat.




But, even the greatest basketball players lose sight of that simplicity. When their stroke is broken they may overthink the problem. That’s when it’s helpful to get advice from a shooting expert, someone who can help quickly resolve scoring woes.


Shooting blogs are great resources for amateur basketball players. In the NBA, a team will pay legendary shooters like Mark Price to walk players through shot corrections. For the rest of the basketball world, the advice of shooting blogs is free, helpful – and free.


Some players don’t wait for their shot to break before following a blog or two. They use the suggestions to continually improve their games.


Whether you’re looking to make a fix, maintain your skill or keep up with the latest training methods, the 10 shooting blogs listed below help make the game simple again.


  1. DrDishBasketball.com:     This site stresses tech savvy training and features the Dr. Dish basketball shooting machine. There is a ton of helpful shooting-related information. One article, for instance, analyzes shooting percentage drop-offs between first and fourth quarters, which is a great indicator of shooting effectiveness.
  2. BreakthroughBasketball.com: This site has about two dozen basketball-related blogs. The shooting blog contains 21 tips that were written in 2008, but are still solid. The list is especially good for ailing shots. Tips touch on mechanics -- 'land in front of where you shot from' -- and psychology -- 'shoot 50 easy shots before every game' to bump your confidence.
  3. IQMatrix.com:  IQ Matrix focuses on the mental part of the shooting game. The shooter's mindset and intensity are where most of its advice is focused. This site tries to give you a shooter's attitude, with a few basic shot mechanics included.
  4. Swish22.com:  Go to the blog section of this site and you will be treated to a slow-mo breakdown of Steph Curry's shooting form. Most of the shooting tips are sold via video download, but there is some good free information.
  5. BasketballShootingCoach.com:  Coach Jones is the mastermind behind this well-stocked blog. Its tagline is, "It's about the shot" and that's believable. There are a number of free shooting tips as well as references to other resources. Shot mechanics are king on this site, but be prepared to read. Coach Jones uses text and still pictures instead of video.
  6. InspirationalBasketball.com: If you're a Christian baller, this might be the site for you. Inspirational Basketball gives solid, basic shooting advice using easy-to-follow written instructions. While it's a Christian site, there's no mention of religion in the shooting suggestions.
  7. JoshWilsonBasketball.wordpress.com:  Wilson's five tips are covered in-depth, with no video. Tip #1 is square up for your shot and Tip #5 is have confidence in your shot. His suggestions on release and follow-through are worth the price of admission.
  8. CoachingToolbox.net: This all-purpose site name-checks NBA players and high-profile coaches. The gem in the midst of all of this information is the Celtic toughness drill. It's a timed shooting excercise that forces you to make two shots in a row before moving on to the next spot. 
  9. DrillsforBasketball.humenews.com:  This is a no-frills site with a few how-to videos. The shooting suggestions are basic for all ages. This site offers simpler directions than some of the others, but the advice is still helpful.
  10. ThePESpecialist.com: The PE Specialist is for a younger set. The concepts are easy to grasp and instructions are simple. This site is best for younger athletes, but if you want to break your shot down to bedrock, this will do the trick.




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