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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Murdoch Rules the World

"It's a hard knock life/for us/It's a hard knock life/for us/Instead of kisses/we get kicked/Instead of treated/we get tricked.."

I don't know that the sun'll come out tomorrow, but I do know that Rupert Murdoch will get the votes he needs from shareholders to buy Dow Jones and its Wall Street Journal holding at the next meeting.

So, an ultra-conservative, reactionary, racial neanderthal from down under now holds "the nation's business journal" in his hands. I can only pray that the proletariat continues to use new media and cause Rupert to lose a bundle on his new acquisition. Richard Pryor said it best: "You want justice, that's what we got for you - 'Just Us'.

Real newsgathering is a joke, now. Rupert's Fox News has made a travesty of fair and balanced reporting. People seem to think their decisions have no consequence -- or more accurately, they can handle the consequences when they arise. That's the type of magical thinking that gave us... tah dah! the Bushies! When the vote count in Florida went to the Supreme Court in 2000, people believed that truth, not politics, would be the order of the day. But, the conservatives danced with the ones who brung 'em.

In a highly corrupt atmosphere, justice is arrived at by accident. There is no shame in commuting Libby's sentence; there is no remorse at finding no WMDs; there is no penalty for a lying Attorney General. In fact, the culture is so absolutely corrupt that the former assistant to the U.S. AG admitted her knowledge of Republican operatives caging thousands of African American voters (basically, challenging their right to vote and getting them off the rolls illegally) and NO ONE has made a peep except for a British investigative reporter.

And, now we have the Murdoch man. I can already hear the rumble... 'Oh, it's not so bad. He SAID he'd appoint an editorial board.'

My suggestion? Think of the worst-case scenario. The way things have been going, we'll probably get there.

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