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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

And now for something completely different...

"Well, I can't believe I Can't Believe It's Not Butter and the stuff I can't believe is not I Can't Believe It's Not Butter are not butter, and I believe that they both just might in fact be butter, but in cunning disguises, and in fact there's a lot more butter out there than we believe."

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Are U Distracted?

They call us the chattering masses. I think I know why. It's cold out here in the wilderness of ignorance. It's not that we're stupid as Americans, it's just the distractors are so good at distracting. In the midst of two wars and a class struggle that the upper class is winning in a rout, we're most concerned about Britney Spears' shaved twat, Roger Clemens getting a couple of hypos up the ass, whether Diablo Cody is the second coming of Neil Simon and white guys in the news media debating whether it's harder to be black or a woman.


While we're away, they're selling our country out from under our feet. The Chinese government and businesses are buying up our debt, a national ID is being set up, war profiteers are scurrying like rats on the battlefields where young men and women (American and others) lie dead -- and Rudy Giulani has proclaimed himself the true agent of change.


We're looking for iPod solutions -- easy, breezy resolve to terrorism, war, nuclear holocaust and a broken down planet. We just plug our ears for a few minutes and that hideous roar will quiet down. Just wait a minute. Too bad for us, that's not the vacuum cleaner humming on the far edge of our bliss. We've got burglars in our house who are taking baseball bats to our Family Guy figurines, pissing in our popcorn and eyeing our goldfish with lust in their hearts.

We need to unplug our ears and point our fingers. Tell Bush and Cheney they're war criminals. Tell Dubai-based Halliburton to give back our money or we will declare war on a corporation. Ask what the hell is taking so long to build New Orleans. Smack a sissified Democratic Congress in the balls. Give every profiteering, motherless, snake of a war contractor the bum's rush and tell each one we'd rather have honest, undocumented Mexicans than conniving patriots.

I'll share with you my one small act of resistance. I will NEVER acknowledge that a legitimate president occupied the White House from 2000 to 2008. In my world, it was unoccupied. There was no "administration," there was a regime. And, if I am ever unlucky enough to be in the same room with George Bush, I promise you, I will turn my back on his sorry ass.

Having ranted of piss, popcorn and goldfish, I guess this is where you say, 'So, Jae, you say, who do you like in the upcoming elections?'

I need some Hope. And, Hope, thy name is not Clinton. Sure, Obama and I share a skin color, but I think it's deeper than that. All we've managed to do with Bushes and Clinton is to get exactly where we are. I don't like it here. I've got young kids who I love very much and want to have a wonderful life. I'll be damned if they'll ever be pushed into a servant class simply because the rich pass the laws nowadays. Bush and his cronies (with Democratic complicity) have made it harder to pay for college; harder to get out from under crushing debt; harder to find living wage jobs. They're busy manufacturing the next generation of serfs.

I'm not looking at Obama's voting record (although I like what I've seen). "Present" is a political expediency and the lifeblood of a do-nothing Senate. I'm looking at the fact that he wants to lead us out of this mess. We hate each other up in here. That's fine for Sen. Clinton; she has attack dogs in her campaign. Hate, in some cases, motivates people more than hope. Obama is walking a fine line by example. He's trying to excite us about what we can still do; he's trying to take hate and fear out of the equation. And, I believe him. I was never more furious than when Sen. Clinton cried that some people are "right" and some people are "wrong" suggesting, of course, that she was right.

I would have sworn it was George Bush talking.

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