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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another Hail Mary from McCain? He's Going to Run Out of Hails or Marys Pretty Soon

What Is Politics?
By Marc Armbrinder

This is the time when politics matters the most, not the least.

* When the philosophical differences that each party organizes around are put to the test of reality.
* When conflict builds consensus.
* When the public craves answers and debate from their politicians.
* When the stakes of the presidential election could not be more acute.

Comparative advantage: the best thing the presidential candidates can do now is to practice their politics honestly, not to abandon politics altogether -- itself, of course, a political move.

Suspending your campaign basically says: all that over the past sixteen months? It wasn't important. Ignore what I said or did. Too late.

The tough thing here for McCain is that nobody in Washington asked him to come back; nobody seems to need him to come back; and that Democrats simply do not trust John McCain's motives.

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Blogger Kezaezy commented at 3:52 PM~  

And . . . Sarah Palin flinging talking points like an unprepared student trying to bullshit her way through a blue book exam and hoping no one will notice.


Somewhere Dan Quayle is high-fivin' someone now that he's no longer the biggest vice presidential joke of all time.

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