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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Secret Killing Program In Iraq

This is what my own personal fear has always been. America has already been listening in on her citizens' electronic conversations. Now, there is a secret and, I assume, high-tech assassination program. Are we to believe we'd never be targets?

Bob Woodward's new book says this new, secret killing program in use in Iraq has been much of the reason violence there is down.

Militant of Reddit, a community of bloggers, chimes in. He or she hints about having inside information about the program. Here is the link -

"When this program is shown to the world, it will be marveled at, until the basic methods sink in. This, coupled with news that special forces were able to listen in on every move and heartbeat of the Iraqi PM...

"All I can get away with saying is put two and two together. And then, ask yourself whether this is a technology and a tactic and a program that you feel comfortable with your government having and keeping secret.

"I know the broad overview of what this program is and how it is operated - how much of the specifics I know is a matter I'll leave alone. But do you, the voter and citizen of a 'free' country, enjoy the idea that people can be tracked and listened to no matter where they go or what they're doing or what precautions they take? When the very sustenance they take in results in the loss of their privacy? Sure, in this situation one would think, 'Oh, but they're terrorists!' But do we -- now -- believe in summary executions on the battlefield? And, wouldn't you like to know what this is all about, considering the level of secrecy and threat coming from washington these days?"

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Blogger Kezaezy commented at 9:39 AM~  

All it takes is for a Limbaugh/ Beck/Malkin/O’Reilly to change out a few letters and – like magic -- protestors become anarchists, whistle blowers become traitors, Osama Bin Laden becomes Saddam Hussein and the Sierra Club becomes a terrorist organization.

Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 8:37 PM~  

I think the police reaction at the RNC is indicative of what lies ahead.

Someone I know, who is no way a black bloc anarchist, had his house raided. He allowed visiting videographers to stay at his house. He owns a building with two addresses. The police raided the part of his house, that didn't match the search warrant.

The police tactics weren't aimed at anarchists. It was against the mainstream movement.

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