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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

$400 Million? Really.

Rat-bastard Rush Limbaugh has taken his first name to heart and bum-rushed the Billionaire Boys Club. Having signed a Howard Stern-like contract worth $400 million dollars over, I think, an eight-year period, I assume he feels both vindicated and validated. Liberals and moderates may hate him, but those same diehards who swear Bush is doing as good a job as Brownie love him unconditionally.

"We should lock up all those damn drug users No excuses! They hurt America and make me sick!!" Rush cried. "Ditto," said his adorers.

But, when Rush was busted with Oxycontin -- and its heroinish properties -- all of a sudden crime and punishment looked a lot less welded together. It was more a matter of crime and forgetfulness. Or, crime and relevant philanthropy. Whatever happened to that jail time, Rush? Wouldn't want hypocrisy seeping out of your ass along with the Alli residue, would we? I'm sure sometime before his contract kicks in, this honorable man will voluntarily report to a jailhouse somewhere.

But, I'm not mad at Rush. His good fortune has opened my eyes even more. There is no more class war because the rich have won. The lower and middle classes suck on the teat of television and pray to be Gossip Girl or 90210 worthy. Disoriented, we vote against our best interests, lose sleep over celebrity missteps, become insensitive to the suffering of others, unlearn our meager school lessons and forget that even a planet can be a finite thing.

Typical Americans are counted on by political heavies to hate people of other colors/countries, lower means and different values. So, when somebody like Limbaugh gets $400 million for furthering this nation's divisiveness, there isn't even a yawn. Certainly, Gilbert Arenas' $111 million contract can be faulted for valuing athletic accomplishment over, say the worth of a good teacher. But, this really stings.

A company is paying a man to tear America down. According to the book 'The Big Sort,' we are already cliquing off and finding less common ground. They are paying a man to sort us out by skin color, by ideology, by political party and loose us upon each others.

How soon before dislike transmogrifies into hatred? -- not for the lunatic fringe, because that's been the case for a while. I'm talking societal hatred on a civil war scale. Straight brother against gay brother; black citizen against white citizen.

Here's a fun fact: the Democratic Party hasn't won a majority of white males in a presidential election since the 1960s. Why? Civil Rights, the notion of giving African Americans equal access in American society drove millions of white men and women away. Yet, the GOP continually makes a claim at being a Big Tent party. How does it get away with being so racist in the mainstream media without being called for it?

What I really enjoy are the pundits who diss black people for being 90 percent Democrat. In a world gone crazy, this is my test for sanity. As I see it, only one out of 10 black people wants to associate with a party that dislikes them. I think 10 percent is kind of high, but there are probably enough personal excuses to justify it.

And, when I'm invited to discuss the GOP ideology; use my own intellect to see how it offers an alternative? I say, GOP ideology my ass. Their ideology is that white people should run the country exclusively. Now, I have no problem with white people, but I think large numbers of them are being bamboozled by their "leaders."

Think about it. If this bullshit racism hadn't been our MO for so long, we might have among our strongest allies a stable African continent. Instead, we treated those nations and people like we treated our own black citizens and robbed, raped, killed and cheated them.

Now, we wring our hands because China is enjoying Africa's largesse. The most resource-wealthy continent on the planet generally views us an oppressor and would prefer to do business with a totalitarian state. Huh. Chickens do come home to roost.

And, this is the world of Rush. People are seen as inferior based on arbitrary traits such as race.

In our world we pay him almost half a billion dollars, but in a perfect world he'd be in jail. We've got some work to do.

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Blogger Renegade Eye commented at 2:52 PM~  

Actually Rush's base is dissolving. It always was exaggerated to start.

The Democrats and Republicans are one party with two right wings.

Anonymous Anonymous commented at 12:12 PM~  

I know man... if Barack Obama is the face of the new America, Rush Limbaugh is the face of the entrenched America. Deep-fat fried and fearful. Oh, and drug addled.
+ + +

Moving on, I just found out that Omar Little is dead! Shot by that brat Kenard.

Woe is me.

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