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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Honest to God - Someone Wrote This

Newsweek Blogger MrZoid: No sir, it is as far fetched as it gets. All politics aside, Dinosaurs and Human beings never roamed the earth at the same time; I reference you to the procedure of carbon dating. No more conversation on this topic please, for the sake of all on this board, no more dinosaur talk.

Preparing for jaw to drop. Wait for it. Wait for it....

Newsweek Blogger Guesswhat_imaconservative: mrzoid...i'm a chick...and no it's not far-fetched. guess you never been to glen rose, tx. carbon dating is bs by the way. they've dated fish as being extinct for millions of years, then found live ones. oopsy. dino discussion dropped.

And, there it is. The failure of our educational system. The Cubs' reason for losing. Santa's mistress. It's all here. I have peered into the face of abject stupidity and it has no self-esteem issues.

OK. I have to repeat this with amazement in my voice:

"They've dated fish as being extinct for millions of years, then found live ones."

My God.

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Blogger Kezaezy commented at 1:10 PM~  

I awoke this morning puzzling over the whole Sarah Palin phenomena... not Sarah Palin, herself, but the Palinization of our culture. How did this happen? When did 'qualified' become simply what you can get away with?

Anybody remember Robert Pirsig's exploration of the metaphysics of quality? In "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance," Pirsig points out that the Greeks did not distinguish between 'quality' and 'truth.' And he argues that, to truly experience quality, one must embrace both logic and -- for lack of a better word -- 'being-ness.'

He said the tendency is to experience the world through one filter or the other. Either you're an analytical engineer type or an intuitive artist type (or, in the case of a lot of Republicans into whose face I've peered, a visceral superstitious type).

My dad (who worked and occasionally socialized with Pirsig) liked to tell me that self-doubt was a sign of intellectual health. Conversely the kind of dogmatic certitude that Bush and, now Palin, substitute for real thought, must be a sign of intellectual disease.

Or, put another way: "... abject stupidity... has no self-esteem issues." :-)

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